Late Work (1970 - 1980)

During his life-time, his way of painting developed in a more concentrated and articulated manner: schematizing landscapes, towns, architectural forms and even characters, finally arriving at pure abstract geometric compositions. 

Les Deux Villages (1976) (shown as the first image) is a key work in the oeuvre of the artist. At first sight the painting recalls similarities to a cubist still life, but when we look longer we discover something more; two similar looking blobs with a multitude of coloured planes {hyperdimensional-objects} [as fishes with scales] twisting around one point. The background consists of absolute blackness {emptiness} and an hourglass figure in earthly brown. What seems to be a butterfly and other, more unrecognizable signifiers, flying in opposite directions. The object in the down-right corner recalls an image of broken glass, but also a sharp point stuck into the middle of a surface [plane].

The cubist broke reality in a multi-view perspective and assembled their subjects into hyper-dimensional-objects. Dinou took two hyper-dimensional objects {scaled blobs} and twists them {torsion} around one unifying point; creating a Time~Machine compressed in one unique image.