Julien Dinou

Julien Dinou; Digital Catalogue raisonné
16.8.1895 Cairo, † 24.1.1983 Bern.

Julien Dinou (Arnold Neuweiler) was a painter, writer, actor, stage-manager, director, engineer, and entrepreneur, with a background in chemistry. He held close friendships with the artists Otto Nebel & Paul Klee.

From 1951 onward his paintings were exhibited regularly, without him giving up his engineering job. In the second part of his life he moved to Paris, to fully dedicate himself to the pure act of painting.



Essay about his work
Julien Dinou; Constructing Expressionism

Digital Catalogue raisonné 

Early work      Expressionist ~ figurative paintings
Main body      Expresonist ~ abstract paintings
Late work        Geometric ~ abstract paintings
Pastel              Pastel / watercolor paintings on paper
Drawings        Work on paper

Catalogue raisonné [Edition 1. 2022] 
Book & downloadable PDF containing all the known works, ordered and numbered will follow in the future. 

Julien Dinou - Formen der Abstraktion PDF
1996 Exhibition Catalog for Amnesty International