Julien Dinou - Curriculum

16.8.1895 Cairo, † 24.1.1983 Bern

L'homme s'est demandé ce qui lui restait à faire.
Dieu lui a dit: il te reste l'art
Mais l'art ne doit pas être une copie servile de la nature.

Man wondered, what is left to do.
God said to him: You still have art.
But art should not be an imitative copy of nature.

- Julien Dinou, 1965

La Revue Moderne, Sept. 1945
Frontpage with a drawing of Julien Dinou


1895 Arnold Neuweiler born in Cairo, August the 16th. Citizenship Kreuzlingen, Thurgau (CH)
1910-1915  School years in Bern.

1915-1923 Chemistry study in Bern (unfinished); further education at the acting school of Max Rheinhardt in Berlin, and director in the Bayreuther Festspielen.  (finished)

1925 Leading position in Industry, Frankfurt & Dortmund.

1933-1943 J Arnold Neuweiler started collecting painting from Geneva painters.

1943-1944 La Peinture à Genève de 1700 à 1900 (Edition Alexandre Julien).

1943 Death of his daughter, beginning of artistic practice.

1951 First exhibition in Bern.
1956 Painting under the pseudonym Julien Dinou.

1958 Sold the Neuweiler AG to Von Roll AG and moved to Paris. Established his atelier in the Quartier Latin.

1960-1971 Travel to Spain, Tunisia and Morocco.
1980 Moved back from Paris to Bern.
1983 Arnold Neuweiler (Julien Dinou) died in Bern.


1951 First exhibition: Cafe Select, Bern, Switzerland
1952 Solo exhibition, gallery Marbach, Bern, Switzerland

1953 Salon des réalités nouvelles, Paris

Salon des réalités nouvelles is officially established as a successor to Abstraction-Création in 1946 by Fredo Sidès. Its first board included Sonia Delaunay, Nelly van Doesburg, Auguste Herbin, Felix Del Marle, Jean Arp and Antoine Pevsner)

1954 Exposition Atelier-Theater, Bern
1954 Salon des réalités nouvelles, Paris
1954 Solo exhibition,  gallery La Gentilhommière
1954 Solo exhibitio, gallery  La Citadelle, Locarno
1955 Salon des réalités nouvelles, Paris

1956 Solo exhibition at gallery Simone Heller

Simone Heller represented following artists: Auguste Herbin, Albert Gleizes, Jean Metzinger, Auguste Harzic, Jacinto Salvadó, Otto Nebel, Sigismond Kolos-Vary, Paul Szasz, Julien Dinou, César Domela, Vincent Batbedat, Louis Latapie, Henri Nouveau)

1956 Solo exhibition at galerty “Des 4 Arts”, Lausanne
1956 Exhibition Painters from Bern, Bern

1957 Solo exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Dortmund

1958 Exhibition Painters from Bern, Bern
1958 Comparaisons de Paris, Musée de Mexico, Paris
1958 Solo exhibition at gallery Simone Heller, Paris
1959 Group exhibition at gallery Marforen, Brussels
1959 Atelier-Theater with painters from Bern, Bern
1959 Salon “Comparaisons”, Paris
1960 Salon “Comparaisons”, Paris
1960 Group exhibition at B.V.S.K, Basel
1960 Solo exhibition at “Malabar”, Bern
1961 Salon “Comparaisons”, Paris, Saigon and Tokyo
1961 Solo exhibition at gallery Simone Heller, Paris
1962 Salon “Comparaisons”, Paris
1962 Group exhibition at gallery Simone Heller, Paris
1962 Group exhibition S. Heller, Musée d’ Annemasse
1963 Salon “Comparaisons”, Paris
1963 Group exhibition, gallery Simone Heller, Annecy
1964 Salon “Comparaisons”, Paris
1964 Salon “Comparaisons Paris”, in Munich
1965 Salon “Comparaisons”, Paris
1965 Group exhibition in Montreuil
1965 Salon “L’Art Sacré”, Musée d’Art modern, Paris
1967 Salon “Comparaisons”, Paris
1968 Solo exhibition gallery Simone Heller, Paris
1970 Group exhibition “Painters from Bern”, Bern
1971  Group exhibition Mantes-la-Jolie
1987 Galerie Vita, Bern, sale exhibition from the family estate
Sale results went to: Amnesty International
1996 Julien Dinou, Formen der Abstraktion (Retrospective) Schloss Holligen, Bern.
Sale results went to: Amnesty International

Exhibition Flyers and Julien Dinou, “Kafka”, 1955, collection Amnesty International, Bern


Massenregie; eine Studie über die Schauspielchöre, ihre Wirkung und ihre Behandlung. Mit einer Einleitung von Franz Graetzer.
[Directing crowds; a study of the acting choirs, their effects and their treatment, introduction by Franz Graetzer]
Arnold Neuweiler, 1919

Die Regie des Einzeldarstellers; Eine Studie über praktische Inszenierungsprobleme
[The direction of the single actor; A study on practical staging problems]
Arnold Neuweiler, 1921

70 Tierverse
[70 Animal poems]
Arnold Neuweiler, 1961

Konvolut : Galerie Simone Heller
1955 in French 
1 envelope, 4 letters from and to Arnold Neuweiler,
4 picture lists, 2 announcements of the exhibition.

La Peinture à Genève de 1700 à 1900, avec une introduction d’Adrien Bovy
[Painting in Geneva from 1700 to 1900, with an introduction of Adrien Bovy]
Arnold Neuweiler, 1943

Julien Dinou
Arnold Neuweiler, with text by Robert Vrinat, 1972


Korrespondenz : an Nebel, Otto
[Correspondence with Otto Nebel]
1957/197216 Letters

Paul Klee, Briefe an die Familie 1893-1940, by Felix Klee, Cologne 1979.
Letters Paul Klee and Lily Klee, 25.4.1939 & 6.5.1939, Neuweiler is mentioned.


Arnold Neuweiler et ses souvenirs sur Paul Klee [Audio in French]