Julien Dinou

Julien Dinou; digital catalogue raisonné
16.8.1895 Cairo, † 24.1.1983 Bern.

Julien Dinou (Arnold Neuweiler) was a painter, writer, actor, stage-manager, director, engineer, art historian, and entrepreneur, with a background in chemistry.  He held close friendships with the artists Otto Nebel & Paul Klee.



Essay about his work
Julien Dinou; Constructing Expressionism

Digital Catalogue raisonné 

Early work      Expressionist ~ Figurative paintings
Main body      Expresonist ~ Abstract paintings
Late work        Geometric ~ Abstract paintings
Pastel              Pastel / Watercolor paintings on paper
Drawings        Work on paper

Catalogue raisonné [Edition 1. 2023] 
Book & downloadable PDF containing all the known works, ordered and numbered will follow in the near future. 

Julien Dinou - Formen der Abstraktion PDF
1996 Exhibition Catalog for Amnesty International